Stainless Steel Flue Liners

Installed with minimal disruption to your home/business

Are you looking for a stainless steel flue liner? We can help. We supply a wide range of stainless steel flue liners across Northern Ireland. We can supply you with the best stainless steel chimney liner for your needs, whether it be a flexible stainless steel chimney liner or a rigid stainless steel chimney liner. We have been in the chimney business for over 40 years and you can rely on us to give you the best solution for your chimney. We can supply suitable flue liners for all types of fires including Multi Fuel Flue Liners, Twin Wall Multi Fuel Liners, Flexible Gas Flue Liners, Solid Fuel Flexible Flue Liner, Flexible Flue Liners Suitable for Gas, Wood Burning Stove Flue Liners and also Thermocrete and Furnaflex systems etc.

Covering all areas of Belfast and Northern Ireland.

If you are looking for a company who can provide efficient, safe and durable stainless steel chimney liner installation, you can rely on us. With thousands of excellent customer reviews and a wealth of experience in the industry we can be trusted to supply and install the right chimney liner for your needs at a competitive cost. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Chimney Lining

for Wood Burning Stoves

If you’re looking to install a wood burning stove or a multi fuel stove, due to new regulations it is necessary to have the chimney relined. We have different options; our Thermocrete concrete chimney liner or a stainless steel flue pipe. We can help and advise you on both products and on which is most suitable for your needs. It is vital is there to ensure safe usage of your stove by preventing carbon monoxide leaking into other areas of the property. Another main advantage of lining is to increase the performance and efficiency of the flue and will also prevent the build of tar within the flue which is a potential fire hazard. A wood stove or multi fuel stove can be up to 80% efficient in comparison to open fires which might be as low as 20%. Thermocrete install flue liners suitable for all types of wood burning stoves.


We are fully insured with unparalleled reputation for quality, reliability and service for all of your flue requirements, including:

  • Flue linings for wood burners
  • Flue linings for gas stoves
  • Flue linings for multi fuel stoves
  • Flue linings for Aga’s
  • Flue linings for gas fires
  • Flue linings for back boiler units
  • Flue linings for extractor fans
  • Flue Lining/Chimney Lining Installers
  • Flue Liner Installation