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What makes the FuranFlex® procedure revolutionary?

Advanced Chimney Solutions are an approved installer of the FuranFlex® Chimney Lining System in Belfast, Derry & Northern Ireland. FuranFlex® is the only non-destructive procedure with which chimneys of any shape, size or length can be lined with a corrosion-proof, flame and heat resistant, airtight liner tube made of a composite material with the solidity of steel, without any joints

What does composite mean?Composite is the technical name for high-strength glass fibre reinforced resins. Their structure is similar to that of reinforced concrete. The difference is that the composite material consists of resin instead of concrete made of cement, sand and gravel, and of glass fibres thinner than hair instead of steel rods. (Reinforced plastics, Versterkte Kunststoffe, Plastique renforcée)

Why do chimneys need to be lined? Chimneys need to be lined because when fuels are burned acidic is generated, which precipitates inside the chimney. This damages the plasterwork, concrete and often even stainless steel. Through the gaps created in this way carbon monoxide may escape into the rooms, which may be fatal. In Europe hundreds of people die every year because of faults occurring in chimneys. In most countries it is compulsory to line chimneys. For more detailed information on the Furnaflex system visit the Furnaflex website by clicking here.

The the main advantages of FuranFlex® chimney lining

  • There is no need to demolish walls, homes remain clean during the lining work
  • Chimney lining only takes a few hours
  • It can be used for all types of boilers and chimneys.
  • Even chimneys as high as 80 metres and with a diameter of even 80 cm can be lined without any joints.
  • Its internal surface is smooth, its thermal resistance facilitates the economic operation of boilers.
  • It does not become corroded. The period of guarantee relating to damage by corrosion is 10 years



The main area of application of FuranFlex® is the lining of old and new chimneys. It may be used with gas and oil heated boilers and even with wood and pellet boilers in certain countries. (Licences) It can be used with all types of boiler as well as with chimneys of all sizes and shapes. Its rigidity characteristics enable it to be used for the construction of freestanding chimneys as well. The guaranteed solution to all lining applications.

FURANFLEX has been developed and used successfully for over 10 years in more than 27 countries.

It is based on a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin, which is as strong as steel, when set, but has much better corrosion resistance and is heat resistant to more than 450°C.It is only 3 mm thick, has no joints and carries a 10 year guarantee.

Installing FuranFlex

The Furanflex liner comes deflated has to be inserted into the flue before being inflated to the flue size. Once the liner is in place the steam generator is then attached and the heating process begins.

Once hardened the FuranFlex liner is as strong as steel liners and provides a perfect gas tight chimney lining ready to use.

The installation process of FuranFlex is very clean and non intrusive but requires specialist skill and training. Please follow the link below to watch an installation.

We Install Quickly, Easily and With Minimal Disruption


All chimney-lining materials in all countries have to be inspected in accordance with the
valid standards (EU or national) in an accredited certification institute, with the following
characteristics being tested in the case of chimney lining tubes.

  • Heat resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Mechanical stability
  • Gastightness
  • Heat conductance
  • Health and envirolnmental impacts

Composite is the technical name for high-strength glass fibre reinforced resins. Their FuranFlex® was the first and is still the only glass fibre reinforced composite chimney
lining tube system. In order for the official bodies of a country to issue a licence for a new technology such
as this tests have to be carried out according to the regulations stipulated by the attestation
institute of the country in question. As a result of this FuranFlex® has undergone numerous

However, tests performed by an accredited institute according to EU standards are valid in
all EU countries. The corrosion resistance test, which is especially important in the case of FuranFlex®,
was carried out in Austria