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Advanced Chimney Solutions was formed in July 2012 by Ian Montgomery. Ian has been lining chimneys for over 35 years...

since forming Belfast Flue Lining Company’ in 1992. Previous he had been a Technical officer in The Coal Advisory Service for seven years,, after graduating from the University of Ulster with an HND in Building Studies and post diploma in Construction Management. With the addition of the Thermocrete pumped in concrete systems in the late nineties the company name was changed to Thermoctete Chimney Linings’ to reflect this more specialised trade. In 2011 Ian added the Furnaflex brand to the company and now the company name has changed to ‘Advanced Chimney Solutions to once again move with the times. The company now covers all recognised and approved methods of domestic and commercial chimney lining, including flexible metal flues, twin wall rigid metal flues, Thermocrete pumped in flues, and Furanflex thermo setting resin flues.


FuranFlex® is the only non-destructive procedure with which chimneys of any shape, size or length can be lined with a corrosion-proof, flame...

and heat resistant, airtight liner tube made of a composite material with the solidity of steel, without any joints. The main advantages of FuranFlex® chimney lining. There is no need to demolish walls, homes remain clean during the lining work Chimney lining only takes a few hours It can be used for all types of boilers and chimneys. Even chimneys as high as 80 metres and with a diameter of even 80 cm can be lined without any joints. It's internal surface is smooth, its thermal resistance facilitates the economic operation of boilers. It does not become corroded. The period of guarantee relating to damage by corrosion is 10 years


THERMOCRETE is a pumped Chimney method. This much improved method of " wet lining " has proved very popular with the Northern Ireland...

public with its advantages of no disruption or redecoration and the 10 year guarantee. Thermocrete is a revolutionary process that allows your existing chimney to be relined without any construction work. The material used for this is Thermocrete B2 a lightweight but incredibly strong monolithic refractory castable. It will restore your chimney stack to perfect condition (making it stronger than new), completely curing existing damage and preventing further deterioration. Thermocrete is impervious to flue gases and acid attack; it also has excellent insulation properties.

Stainless Steel

Advanced chimney solutions can line chimneys by the more traditional methods too. This would normally involve opening the walls of the...

chimney breast and fitting a ceramic clay liner or stainless steel liner and making good the wall afterwards.These methods have largely been replaced now by the more modern solutions, but Advanced Chimney Solutions retain the expertise to install these type of liners where and when necessary.

Chimney Lining in Coleraine

Need a flue liner in Coleraine or the surrounding areas? Advanced Chimney Solutions are a long-established flue lining business working across Coleraine and surrounding areas in Northern Ireland. Our Flue Lining systems include the highly popular Thermocrete Chimney Linings (concrete chimney lining) & Furnaflex (a resin chimney lining solution). We supply and install all recognised and approved methods of domestic and commercial chimney lining including flexible metal flues, twin wall rigid metal flues, Thermocrete pumped in flues and Furanflex thermosetting resin flues. We cover most areas in Northern Ireland including Coleraine. If you are unsure of the best chimney lining solution for your needs, we can help and advise. Please take advantage of our FREE chimney quote.

Having your chimney flue checked is vital. As well as the installation of new chimney linings we also carry out flue lining repairs too. Appliances that use gas, oil wood or smokeless fuels all produce Carbon Monoxide, which can be fatal. Even low levels of poison can cause lasting damage to your health. Sometimes there are obvious signs that a chimney repair is required such as excessive soot, falling debris, fumes, problems with the quality of the fire and overheating chimney walls. The inside of the flue (with age and use) becomes corroded and then there is a risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your home. Whether you need a repair to the flue lining, a chimney survey, a flue repair, chimney liner for an open fire chimney or a flue liner for a wood burning stove! Whatever your needs we can provide the solution at a competitive price.

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