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How The Thermocrete System Works

Advanced Chimney Lining Solutions are approved installers of the popular Thermocrete Chimney Lining in Belfast, Derry & Northern Ireland. The basic concept of the Thermocrete system is simple but extremely effective. A rubber former is inserted precisely in position through the entire length of the flue. Special techniques are used to keep the former centralised, even if the flue has a 45° bend. Thermocrete B2c material is pumped into the flue from the top of the chimney stack filling all voids, cracks and damaged joints. When the Thermocrete has hardened, the former is deflated and removed leaving a perfectly smooth cylindrical flue.

BUILDING REGULATIONAll Theromcrete linings are installed to: B.S.6461 complying to the building regulations 1985 England and Wales and the building standards for Scotland Each Flue is isolated The Thermocrete System allows each appliance to operate with its own correct size flue within one chimney stack. This is essential in instances where appliances use different types of fuel. Industrial Applications - - - Industrial flues serving boilers up to 1.5 million BTU have been lined with Thermocrete The principal is exactly the same,with the pouring process being repeated in stages until the full height of the chimney is reached.

Thermocrete Chimney Linings

Installed With Minimal Disruption To Your Home or Business

Are you looking for a reputable company to carry out your chimney lining? Our Thermocrete chimney lining installations present a revolutionary way of addressing faulty flues and you can be assured that when you choose Thermocrete, of an efficient, safe and durable chimney lining. The average chimney lining system can take 2/3 days to install and can create a lot of mess and debris inside your property. Thermocrete systems are very different to this. We have devised a system that is patented to Thermocrete whereby we can line your Chimney from the outside of your building causing minimal disruption and without disturbing the fabric of the building.
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Chimney Lining for Wood Burning Stoves

Chimney Lining systems for wood burning stoves and open fires. If you’re looking to install a wood burning stove or a multi fuel stove, due to new regulations it is necessary to have the chimney relined. The Thermocrete liner is there to ensure safe usage of your stove by preventing carbon monoxide leaking into other areas of the property. Another main advantage of lining is to increase the performance and efficiency of the flue and will also prevent the build of tar within the flue which is a potential fire hazard. A wood stove or multi fuel stove can be up to 80% efficient in comparison to open fires which might be as low as 20%. Thermocrete install flue liners suitable for all types of wood burning stoves.

Test Data

For Our 25 Year Guarantee

Thermocrete is a Lightweight insulating Monolithic Refractory Chimney Lining Castable produced to B.S 4207 Tested to B.S.E.N.993/1902.

These average values are expected to be achieved under laboratory test procedures. Site results can be expected to vary from these figure; therefore the above results do not constitute a specification. Thermocrete Chimney Linings are committed to a programme of expansion and development and In the interests of progress; we retain the right to alter the above at any time.

Thermocrete Chimney Linings are installed in accordance with Building Regulations 2000 (DocJ).