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All chimney-lining materials in all countries have to be inspected in accordance with the
valid standards (EU or national) in an accredited certification institute, with the following
characteristics being tested in the case of chimney lining tubes:
  • heat resistance;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • mechanical strength;
  • mechanical stability;
  • gastightness;
  • heat conductance;
  • health and envirolnmental  impacts.
FuranFlex® was the first and is still the only glass fibre reinforced composite chimney
lining tube system.
In order for the official bodies of a country to issue a licence for a new technology such
as this tests have to be carried out according to the regulations stipulated by the attestation
institute of the country in question. As a result of this FuranFlex® has undergone numerous

However, tests performed by an accredited institute according to EU standards are valid in
all EU countries.
The corrosion resistance test, which is especially important in the case of FuranFlex®,
was carried out in Austria
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